Best friends forever

                                                Girls' sports is alive and well at CCS!!

So, We Think We Can Dance!!!!

                            CCS provides a faith based education

                                      Way to go, Speech Team!

                                Field Trip to the Ronald Reagan Library

                          May the 4th be with you!

                               Ready for the big spring concert

                                       Academic Decathletes Take Second Place in Super Quiz at State!

                                           Individual Firsts at State Decathlon!

Ms. Mirella Moreno and The Class of 2022 

                                                The smiling ladies of the Class of 2016

                 Chapel grads off to Brown, NYU, John Hopkins, Princeton, UCLA, Westpoint, and Colorado

                               Cultural Appreciation Day!

Parents of the Class of 2017 (Day 1)

                  Off to Loyola, Cathedral, Crespi, IMAC, NDA, Notre HS, St. Monica's,  Regis, and....

                                                          CCS "B" Team Takes First Place at Bosco Basketball Tournament!

                                 Best spring concert ever!

The Class of 2017 Day One (Great Things to Come!!!)

                                    Doing our part for the environment

                        Another reason to celebrate CCS.....our award-winning academic decathlon team!

                           Chapel Patriots

                                                   The night before the big state competition!

                                          Chapel Decathletes Bring Back QuizBowl Championship!

                                                      FIRST HOLY COMMUNION

                 Spring Concert Time

                                                  Chapel Decathletes Take 2nd in LA and Place in All Ten Events!!!!

                                                      Celebrating our cultural diversity!

              Chapel 1st Graders Actively Learning at the Natural History Museum.

                                                      SMART, TALENTED, CUTE, AND COOL!

Upcoming Events

Dismissal for Kindergarten
Date: 8/25/2016, 12:30 PM 1 PM
P.T.O.Board Meeting
Date: 8/25/2016, 4:30 PM 6 PM
Dismissal for Kindergarten
Date: 8/26/2016, 12:30 PM 1 PM
Backpack Blessing Sunday
Date: 8/28/2016
Mass attended by Kindergarten and 5th gr. Students
Date: 8/28/2016, 10 AM 11 AM
Location: Cathedral Chapel of St. Vibiana

News and Announcements

CCS Offers Students 24/7 Access to Stride Academy!

Chapel students will now be able to access online adaptive software for 21st Century learners!! Stride Academy makes learning exciting for students while they are learning critical math, English, and reading skills.

LACMA Field Trip scheduled for 7th and 8th in October!!

The 7th and 8th graders will experience the Heroes, Legends, Gods, and Myths Tour at LACMA on October 25, 2016. It is a free tour and should enhance their understanding of ancient history. Students and teachers are looking forward to another visit to the museum.

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Student Showcase

Six Rookies and Four Vets Earn a Place for Chapel at The State Decathlon!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to our Academic Decathlon Team on their SECOND PLACE WIN OVERALL at LA Archdiocese Academic Decathlon Competition! Our team competed against 105 other schools, and earned 1st place wins in Current Events, and Science; 2nd place in Social Studies; 3rd place in Fine Arts; 4th place in Literature; 5th place in Logic, English, and Religion; 7th place in Super Quiz; and 10th place in Math! Our team now advances to the State Competition next month!

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