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Retreat Results in Renewed, Refreshed, Reinspired Faculty Featured Photo

Retreat Results in Renewed, Refreshed, Reinspired Faculty

Friday October 19th, the faculty spent at the de Paul Retreat Center in Montebello. The day was spent in prayer and honest reflection. One of the many benefits of the day was the opportunity to share the gratitude felt for the blessings of working at a place like CCS where we can surround ourself with honorable, hard-working, creative, supportive, dynamic people who are dedicated to our Chapel students. Thank you, Father Truc, for joining us and celebrating Mass with us at the end of the day. We are so very blessed at CCS.

"R" is for Repect and" N" is for NO Bullying at CCS!

Thursday, following a beautiful Mass hosted by our 6th graders, our stellar student council shared skits with the student body. Their purpose was to remind us about the need to show respect to others and to not only refrain from bullying but to stop the bullying if we see it. Thank you once again, student council, for reminding us of the importance of building good character, showing moral courage, and embracing our diversity. God bless CCS!
The End of An Era Featured Photo

The End of An Era

For 11 years, Chapel has been blessed to have had Mr. and Mrs. Morris coaching our girls in volleyball. They coached their last home game for Chapel on Tuesday, October 15th. One would be hard pressed to find anyone on campus who remembers the girls' volleyball program without this amazing pair at the helm. Teaching the basics of the sport and instilling a strong work ethic was just the beginning. Since 2008 the Morriises have included character building as a pillar of their program. They have stressed the values of teamwork, trust, responsibility, integrity, and kindness. Following the game on Tuesday, Mrs. Morris hosted an extraordinary celebration that focused on the 8th graders. Her words were inspirational. Fans, parents, and teachers were brought to tears. The Morrises will be missed but always remembered with gratitude and admiration.

Student Showcase

Student Ambassadors Make Chapel Proud! Featured Photo

Student Ambassadors Make Chapel Proud!

Chapel Ambassadors spent their Saturday volunteering at the annual silent auction at the Wilshire Country Club. The event raises money for homeless women and children. Chapel Ambassadors are an elite group of students who must earn the right to represent our school for tours, festivals, tournaments, and worthy events. They must be willing to dedicate themselves to role model behavior and superior oral-speaking skills. Thank you Patrick, Aliyah, Joan, Andrew, and Annie!
Thank You for Your Service, Izzy! Featured Photo

Thank You for Your Service, Izzy!

If you were fortunate enough to be at the Chapel v. Holy Spirit home game on Tuesday, October 8th, then you might understand why some are now calling 8th grader Izzabella Rivera "The Machine." Since I was lucky enough to see the game in person, I can tell you. She went up to serve when the game was pretty close, and she served up at least twelve unanswered points. There was one place no one wanted to be during her servince....the other side of the net. She was accurate and strong-her serves were simply too hot to handle. The final score of the first game was 25-8 and the second resulted in another win for Chapel 25-11.
Chapel Alums Chosen for Cathedral High Homecoming Court Featured Photo

Chapel Alums Chosen for Cathedral High Homecoming Court

Chapel grads Danford Cho and Daniel Park were chosen to be members of the 2019-2020 Cathedral High Homecoming Court. Chapel grad Ivy Rosales was escorted by Danford Cho for the celebration. We couldn't be prouder of our former students. What a wonderful honor!