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Task Force Busy at Work

Summer? What Summer?

Chapel's Covid-19 Response Task Force has been working all summer to plan for safe, effective, robust distance learning with the ultimate goal of safely reopening the school as soon as possible in accordance with State Department of Health guidelines. (Pray for 14-consecutive days of declining Covid-19 numbers.) In order to be ready for a safe reopening, we've designed a variety of flexible plans that can be adjusted to quickly respond to the course of the pandemic-keeping in mind that the safety of our CCS family comes first. Those plans include, but are not limited to, redesigning classroom configurations to allow for proper social distancing, purchasing face shields for every student, installing additional hand sanitizers throughout the facility, planning for temperature scanning and staggered drop offs and pickups, purchasing room sanitizers, as well as subscriptions to top-rated, student-friendly learning sites that will engage our students and ensure they meet Common Core Standards and our Schoolwide Student Learning Expectations. We are adding Freckle and CatholicBrain to our repetoire of amazing resources. Junior high students will be using SadlierConnect for delivery of vocabulary lessons. Teachers have been attending workshops and seminars to hone their tech skills and enable them to provide our students with the best education possible, whether at a distance, in cohorts, or all in person. We pray for a return to normalcy, but in the interim, we are prepared to work with our families to provide the absolute best education possible. God Bless our incredible Chapel family!
Prayer for Justice and Equality Featured Photo

Prayer for Justice and Equality

In the words of Ms. Fontan following the unjust killing of George Floyd, "Our world is so broken and hurting. We need Jesus more than the air we breathe." Miss Kipp shared a beautiful prayer for peace at our weekly faculty meeting. The text is attached to this post. Chapel would like to share that prayer with our whole school family. Miss Elberg has created a moving tribute to George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, three victims of senseless brutality. We acknowledge that all Black Lives Matter. We are proud to share her tribute on this site. We are outraged, saddened, confused, and shocked by the cruelty that led to the tragic death of Mr. Floyd and so many others. At Chapel we embrace our diversity and refuse to tolerate bigotry or racism. On the early nights of the protests, we watched as our city burned and our beloved firefighters at Station 61 fought the flames under dangerous circumstances. We know that one of our families experienced damage to their restaurant in The Grove. We know that the same LAPD officers that we honored in January were called up to respond to looting. Please join us in condemning injustice and racism. Please join us in supporting peaceful protests. Help us search for a way to defeat racism and ensure justice and equality for all. Stay safe and well.

Student Showcase

Chapel 6th Grader Crowns Mary at OLA Cathedral Featured Photo

Chapel 6th Grader Crowns Mary at OLA Cathedral

Sophia Reyes was given the honor of crowning the Virgin Mary at the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral on Monday morning. She then led the congregation in the praying of the Rosary. She was the epitome of grace and beauty as she accompanied Archbishop Gomez in the inspirational service. We are so proud of Sophia. God bless her and her family.
Kinder and 8th Say

Kinder and 8th Say "Good-bye" Virtually in 2020

Back in the day, meaning last year and each year before this , our kinders would visit the 8th graders near the end of the year to wish them well as they closed in on their last days as Chapel students. Often the classes would share little mementos of their time together in school families. There was no way we could let that time-honored tradition be skipped due to a pandemic. On Thursday, the last day of Spirit Week, the Class of 2029 and the Class of 2020 made and decorated heartfelt cards for each other and shared them in Zoom rooms. It was sweet, funny, precious, and loving. I think I heard and saw some tears here and there. Thank you Miss Seanez and Ms. Cendejas for making this such a wonderful and memorable experience. Thank you too, Students, for creating such magic with your beautiful cards and warm words. God bless our kinder parents for making the experience work so well.
Bon Appetit! (Check Out Our 4th Grade Chefs) Featured Photo

Bon Appetit! (Check Out Our 4th Grade Chefs)

Showing their great, school spirit, our fourth graders joined their classes on Wednesday, May 15th, all dressed up as chefs. On Monday students were encouraged to attend class in their pajamas, and yesterday was color day. Each class wore a different color of the rainbow, and then some. We may be away for our campus, but we can still show our school and class spirit. God bless our students.

Spirit Week at a Distance

Black Lives Matter

Kinder Loves Learning at Chapel

Project Based Learning

Honors Assembly

Breakfast with Santa