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Students Outdo Themselves in PI Day 2019 Classroom Competitions!

Whether it's the promise of pie or the desire to prove how much one's beautiful brain can remember, PI Day at Chapel gets better every year. Fighting to the very finish, the following students remembered more digits than any of their classmates. They each have a delicious pie to prove it. Congratulations! Thank you Mr. del Pozo for putting this competition on each year. Aden Lee 4th grade- 125 digits Morgan Williams 5th grade- 126 digits Jacob Diaz 6th grade- 185 digits Samuel Christopher 7th grade- 253 digits Elhanan Anteneh 8th grade- 230 digits
Another Top Five Finish for Chapel Decathletes Featured Photo

Another Top Five Finish for Chapel Decathletes

Ninety-nine Catholic schools met Sunday, March 3rd at the Long Beach Pyramid to determine the two schools that would represent the L.A. Archdiocese at the final competition that includes California schools as well as schools from other states. The L.A. tournament is the biggest competition in the entire state. Chapel placed 9th in logic, 5th in SuperQuiz, 10th in Fine Arts (Marco Castro 8th), 3rd in English (Cliff Connor 6th), 3rd in Social Studies (Joaquin Recinos 7th) When all the scores were in, Chapel place 5th overall. Thanks go to our decathletes, their parents, Miss Kipp, Mr. del Pozo, Mr. Pham, Mrs. Craft, Mr. Danny Gonzalez, Mr. Michael (Uniforms), faculty who worked the event, Mrs. Moldavon, and previous teams whose inspiration still lights our way. God bless CCS!!
Speech Team Talent Rewarded at Recent Tournament Featured Photo

Speech Team Talent Rewarded at Recent Tournament

Chapel's Speech Team traveled to St. Bernard School on Saturday for an all day tournament. When the competition was complete, Chapel had earned a 1st in oratorical thanks to Maya Bryant (8th), a 3rd in oratorical courtesy of Eva Coleman (8th) and a 1st in sight-reading with a riveting presentation of The Outsiders by Adrianna Brady (8th). Adrianna also placed in story-telling at the meet. God bless our speech team. They will be taking the week off and then gearing up for the leat tournament of the year.

Student Showcase

Our 2018 Valedictorian Continues to Challenge Herself and Take Trophies Featured Photo

Our 2018 Valedictorian Continues to Challenge Herself and Take Trophies

On January 26, 2019, Chapel graduate Christina Arguello took 1st place for Humorous Interpretation at her qualifying tournament at Narbonne High School , which earned her an invitation to UC Berkeley. At UC Berkeley, she competed against hundreds of high school students from all over California and other states. She made it up to the semi-finals as a freshman. This was her first time competing at the state level. She’s working to qualify next for the Wisconsin Invitational. Let's keep her in our prayers.
Math Bowl XI is in the Books Featured Photo

Math Bowl XI is in the Books

This year's math competition was one of the best ever. In the 3rd to 5th grade division, Aden Lee (4th) took 1st place; Isabella Diaz (4th) placed second, and Noah Ha (3rd) placed 3rd. In the junior high competition, Andrew Lee (8th) earned the 1st place trophy; Michael Kim (6th) took 2nd, and Skye Connors (8th) placed 3rd. One teacher was heard saying, "It's amazing what these students can do! I don't even understand some of the questions-let alone understand how to solve the equations." Good job, Mr. del Pozo and Mr. Pham, and Congratulations Students!!
Students Help Stock Book Fair Featured Photo

Students Help Stock Book Fair

Thanks to our amazing parents and energetic eighth graders, including Eva, Colin, Jade, and Sophia, the book fair is open, stocked, and ready for previews and next weeks big sales. Don't forget to check out all the books and educational resources.