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Why Are LAPD Officers Personally Thanking Chapel Students?

LAPD's Wilshire Divison has certaingly gone above and beyond to show apprecciation to the classes who reached out to salute the local heros on Community Appreciation Day during Catholic Schools' Week this year. Students in grades two, three, and four made cards and sent an assortment of edible goodies to thank the officers for their service and bravery. The officers were so moved by the students' gesture that they came to the school with their patrol cars, parked in the yard, and visited with the students. If that weren't enough, every single fourth grader also received a personal thank-you letter from one of the police officers. Chapel is lucky to be protected by such kind and caring men and women. God bless the LAPD.

Chapel Takes Third at Los Angeles AJHD

On Sunday, March 1, 2020, 93 Los Angeles Archdiocese schools competed for the honor of representing their school at the AJHD state championship. The top two schools represent L A at the event. Chapel came in as close as a school could possibly come without earning that privilege; the team placed 3rd in one of the most exciting competitions in the program's 30-year history. Chapel placed 2nd in Logic and 3rd in Super Quiz. In the individual events, the team placed 8th in Fine Arts, 7th in Literature, 4th in Science, and two students placed 1st in their events. Cliff Connors (7th) will compete at State in English, and Joaquin Recinos (8th) will compete in Social Studies.
The team had an amazing run this year; their coaches and fans couldn't be prouder. Of many memorable moments, one that was an honor to watch was when all the 93 teams were announced. Only one team clapped for and acknowledged each and every school. That one team was Chapel. They competed with honor and showed what Chapel is all about.
Only two members of this year's team are 8th graders. Can you imagine next year's team? A special and sincere thank you goes out to Miss Kipp and the faculty and staff who worked all day at the event, so Chapel could compete and to the parents of the team members for their incredible support during the entire season. God bless our team and God bless CCS!

Chapel Helps the Homeless

As the cold weather continues and the number of homeless grows in Los Angleles, Chapel Student Council decided to do something to help. They launched a drive to collect shoes for the needy, and the response was incredible. By the end of February, our generous Chapel family had filled boxes to overflowing with like new and new footware. In the scheme of things, it's a drop in the buicket, but it's powerful proof that something real can be done if good people put their minds to it and open their hearts. Thanks to Mr. del Pozo for spearheading this drive, to the student council for sponsoring it, and to everyone who donated.

Chapel Celebrates Black History

The classrooms have been filled with lessons focusing on Black History since even before the special month began. Lessons have included Brainpops on Martin Luther King, Jr., Bass Reeves, Barak Obama, Brown v. Board of Education and more. Students have watched and discussed Flocabulary lessons on John Lewis and Voting Rights, the March on Selma, and the Bus Boycott to name but a few. Inspirational words from the Civil Rights movement can be seen on bulletin boards throughout the school.
On Friday night, thanks to the hard work and creativity of many, a beautiful event, the 2020 African American History Celebration, was held in our auditorium. The evening included an interactive lesson on the evolution of the musical influence on the African American culture. It was a wonderful event filled with delicious food, beautiful decorations, incredible music, and lively dancing. Thanks to all involved for such a memorable celebration. A special thanks goes out to Alex Langley and Oyikien Iniya Jacobs for their rendition of an excerpt from Maya Anjelou's "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings." Patirick Holloway, Amalia Hodge, adn Elsie Hodge deserve to be commended for reminding the audience of the important words of MLK, Jr. in his "I Have a Dream" speech. Thank you to the parents, teachers, students, and staff who made the evening possible.

Math Bowl Adds Up to Great Achievement at Chapel

Mr. del Pozo did it again! He challenged the students in 3rd through 8th to show what they learned in the Math Class Challenge. The top five students in each grade were then invited to compete for a trophy in their grade level division. The bees were intense, and students proved themselves to be well up for the challenge. In the 6-8th bee, 6th grader Aaron Kim outstripped the
competition and took the top prize. (No wonder he will be representing Chapel in the math individual at the AJHD in Long Beach on March 1st!) Congratulations to all the students who competed and a special "thank you" to Mr. D for his hard work and dedication to Chapel and expecially our math program.

Theater Works USA Comes to Chapel for We the People

On Monday, February 10th Chapel stduents in 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th participated in an incredible civics lesson- musical style. Students were rivetted to their seats as they learned about our Constitution, Founding Fathers, and branches of government via music, song, and dance. When the orignial venue was no longer feasible, instead of cancelling the event, Chapel turned the auditoriam into a staging area, invited another Catholic school to join the fun, and hosted the production in our own auditorium. The students were able to enjoy the learning experience as they were entertained by an extremely talented cast. Thank you to Miss Kipp, Mr. Ponce, and Mrs. Hall for turning a disappointment into such a memorable event.

Chapel Students Thank LAPD for Their Service

This year students in 1st, 2nd, and 4th chose to join forces during Catholic Schools Week to show their gratitude to our loacal heroes. Students made beautiful cards and brought in goodies to let our police officers at the Wilshire Division know how much they matter. May God bless them and keep them safe.

Catholic Schools Week Has Begun....Let's Learn Lead Serve and Succeed

The 8th graders showed everyone in attendance at Mass on Sunday the value of a Catholic education at Cathedral Chapel School. Students shared posters they'd made that represented the pillars of Catholic Schools Week. When team leaders matched the beautiful art work with their powerful words, the congregation was uplifted and teachers in attendance were filled with pride.

Father Truc Celebrates Silver Anniversary of His Ordination!

On January 15, 2020 Father Truc will have been a Catholic priest for 20 years. The parish celebrated the milestone with a beautiful Mass and reception on Sunday the 12th. Father's parents and family (He is one of 10 siblings.) came to celebrate the big day and wore traditional Vietnamese clothing in honor of the anniversary. The Mass included prayers in English, Latin, and Vietnamese. The choir outdid themselves with beautiful songs and harmonies. Congratulations, Father Truc, and thank you for all you do for our school and parish.

Chapel Remembers the Real Meaning of Christmas

Christmas is a time for giving, and that is just what the Chapel family is doing once again. The fourth graders collected blankets for the homeless and donated them to Sisters Poor of Jesus Christ. Once the word spread, students from other classes joined the fourth graders and added their gifts at the Offetory during our Mass celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe. Students have also brought in toys for children at Alexandria House. Each class was assigned an item to give to those in need. Parents helped deliver them to the different charitable organizations. Thank you to all for participating in our holiday drives. May God bless us all and keep our families safe during the Christmas break.
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