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Chapel Mourns the Loss of a Special Hero

The news of the tragic helicopter crash that took the lives of nine people hit our Chapel family hard. The magnitude of the loss was and is incomprehensible. All we know to do is pray. Mr. del Pozo built a memorial wall outside of the counselor's office on the second floor of the school. Post it notes with prayers for the souls of the victims and for the strength of the survivors are added every day. Junior high students wrote letters to the family and poems to honor Kobe's memory. God bless Kobe, Gianna, and everyone touched by this catastrophic crash.

Decathletes Take 2nd at 2020 Quiz Bowl

Chapel's AJHD team competed in their first event of the year on Saturday, February 1, 2020 at Cathedral High School. The team took 1sts in science, fine arts, and English; 2nd in relgion; 5th in literature, and 3rd in social studies. The team came in 3rd in logic and 2nd in the super quiz-just one question behind the 1st place team. On Tuesday, the team will participate in a scrimmage with the best teams in the state. The Los Angeles event takes place in Long Beach on March 1st. Please keep our decathletes and coaches in your prayers. These last few weeks of preparation are critical.

Chapel Thanks LAFD Local Heroes for Their Service

On Monday, January 27th, Chapel kinders were escorted to LAFD Station 61 by members of the Class of 2020. The purpose of the visit was to thank our firefighters for their sacrifice and honor them for their service. The kinder students presented the firefighters with an original book they'd made and filled with art and words of gratitude. The 8th graders presented the team with two full boxes of World's Finest Chocolate and an eloquent proclamation by Student Body President Anabel Manriquez. Students were given a special tour and presentation. It was a perfect way to start Catholic Schools Week.

Thank You Joseph Kim for Your Service and Your Kind Words

Joseph Kim, who graduated from Chapel in 2005, stopped by decathlon practice on Friday evening, January 24th. Teachers hadn't seen him for over a decade. After graduating college in San Diego, Joseph joined the military as an inlisted. He is now an officer and has served for six years. When Joseph visited CCS, he was actually headed to Washington D.C. He stopped over in Los Angeles to visit family and to thank his former teachers for the part each played in his character development and personal growth. His words brought one teacher to tears. God bless Joseph, his family, and all of our graduates.

Chapel Boy's "A" Basketball Team Victorious over St. Vincent's.

So far our boys have a perfect season!! Coach Mitchell is encouraging Chapel fans everywhere to support this talented team. On Monday, January 13th the members introduced themselves to the school as Coach Mitchell praised them for their hard work and conditioning. They are off to a great season. Gooooo Team! Thank you Ms. Mitchell for your time and dedication.

Matthew Gomez Wins National Scholastic Magazine Writing Contest!

Seventh grader Matthew Gomez won the October 2019 Action Magazine writing contest, "What Would You do?" Scholastic Magazines are read throughout the world, and it is an incredible honor for one to be picked by its editors and writers as a winner. Cathedral Chapel is proud to have one of our students celebrated in this way. Thank you Matthew for your effort and creativity.

TV Dual Works for 8th Graders at St. Bernard Speech Tournament

Anabel Manriquez and Katherine Sanchez teamed up to write and then perform their TV newscaster script for the judges at the December speech league tournament. Chapel students participated in several other categories as well: dramatic, humorous, improvisation duals, and expository demonstration. We are so proud of our students and amazed at the improvement they've shown this year.

A-M-A-Z-I-N-G: One of the Spelling Bees Went Over 80 Rounds!

The spelling bees signal the beginning of the 2019-2020 Bee Season at Chapel. The religion, math, and geography challenges are yet to come, but if our first bee was any indication, the competitions should be extraordingary this year. When two students in the morning bees were still spelling after over 80 rounds, the judges announced a tie. The 7th grade took all of the honors in the junior high competition. Seven qualified for the event that lasted 47 rounds. In the end trophies went to Alexis Bodnar (3rd), Kailyn Song (2nd), and Cliff Connors (1st). Congratulations to all of the competitiors. God bless our hard-working students.

First Graders Shine in Science

Whether it's getting ready for their time in the science lab or the discussions after, the first graders love to experiment and learn new things in science. The science lab is a favorite for them. Their smiles are proof. Learning can be fun. It certainly is for the Class of 2027!

Kennedy Kilpatrick and Aliyah Hampton Take Trophies at Speech Tournament

The first speech tournament of the school year was held on Saturday, October 26th at Cathedral Chapel School. Eighth graders Kennedy Kilpatrick (Story-telling) and Aliyah Hampton (Sight-reading) took third place trophies in their respective categories. Students had been hard at work practicing their pieces for weeks. The competition was stiff, but Chapel was so proud of every one of our members. Their improvement in oral-speaking skill has been amazing. The team is taking a week off and then will begin getting ready for the December tournament at St. Bernard. Thank you to Amber Aguirre and Mr. Danny Gonzalez for coming back to help make the day a great success. Thank you too to Mr. Ponce, Ms. Seanez, and Ms. da Silva for giving up their Saturday to help run the tournament. God bless our parent volunteers as well. We are so lucky to have such invested, helpful parents.
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