Student Showcase

Student Ambassadors Make Chapel Proud!

Chapel Ambassadors spent their Saturday volunteering at the annual silent auction at the Wilshire Country Club. The event raises money for homeless women and children. Chapel Ambassadors are an elite group of students who must earn the right to represent our school for tours, festivals, tournaments, and worthy events. They must be willing to dedicate themselves to role model behavior and superior oral-speaking skills. Thank you Patrick, Aliyah, Joan, Andrew, and Annie!

Thank You for Your Service, Izzy!

If you were fortunate enough to be at the Chapel v. Holy Spirit home game on Tuesday, October 8th, then you might understand why some are now calling 8th grader Izzabella Rivera "The Machine." Since I was lucky enough to see the game in person, I can tell you. She went up to serve when the game was pretty close, and she served up at least twelve unanswered points. There was one place no one wanted to be during her servince....the other side of the net. She was accurate and strong-her serves were simply too hot to handle. The final score of the first game was 25-8 and the second resulted in another win for Chapel 25-11.

Chapel Alums Chosen for Cathedral High Homecoming Court

Chapel grads Danford Cho and Daniel Park were chosen to be members of the 2019-2020 Cathedral High Homecoming Court. Chapel grad Ivy Rosales was escorted by Danford Cho for the celebration. We couldn't be prouder of our former students. What a wonderful honor!

Nethercutt Museum Field Trip a Huge Hit with 8th Graders

Have you ever seen 100 million dollars worth of classic, luxury cars in one place? The class of 2020 has! Students visited the Nethercutt Museum in Sylmar and saw a huge selection of beautiful luxury cars, but that was just the appetizer. Then they were treated to a private tour of the "functional fine art" of the Nethercutt estate. From vehicles to rare musical instruments to antique hood instruments and Hummels, the students toured four solid floors of exquisite antiques exhibited on marble floors under glittering chandeliers and amazing machines that mimic entire orchestras. The day was capped off with a delicious Tinder pizza lunch at San Fernando Mission Park. Thank you to Mrs. Veronica Manriquez for serving as a chaperone for the day.

Getting to Know You...

Today students are getting to know all about each other and start bonding as members of school families. This Friday, and for the first time this year, the whole school will attend Mass together, so our student council organized a an ice-breaker activity that includes delicious refreshments. Our 8th graders learn responsibility as they serve as the heads of each family.

Grads Chloe Kim and Brianna Lopez Come Back to Help

On Friday August 23rd, Chloe and Brianna had the day off from Bishop Conaty, and instead of spending it sleeping in or at the beach, they decided to help teachers at Chapel. Who does that?? Chapel students do. We are so blessed that they come back to visit- let alone to dedicate the whole day to helping. God bless our graduates everywhere!

Oh, No, She Didn't! Oh, Yes, She Did!

Chapel Alumna Joah Yu of Xavier University is the reigning 2019 NCBA National Champion. She captured the boxing title on April 6th in Reno, Nevada. We couldn 't be prouder of our amazing graduate. God bless Joah and her wonderful family.

Eighth Grader Alyssa Marquez Escorted by Classmate Miles Marrache Crowns Mary during Annual Celebration of Our Lady.

Friday, May 10th Chapel students participated in the annual Mary Crowning. Second graders wore their First Communicn outfits and were escorted to church by the eighth graders wearing their graduation gowns. Each student honored Mary with two beautiful gladiolas. The students from K to 8 dedicated themselves to Mary after praying a Rosary in Her honor. As always, Mr. Eddie Hilley elevated the celebration with his incredible voice. It was a beautifully spiritual day.
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