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Jr. High Math & Science

As your child's science teacher, I am looking forward to helping your child gain proficiency in science while having fun in the lab.  I ask for your ongoing support as we use our new textbook to help guide us through the new Next Generation Science Standards.  This will be a new and exciting journey for all.  
Your child's textbook is not only a textbook, but a running record of his/her learning.  They are to read it, write in it, highlight it, draw in it, and study from it.  In addition, there is a digital component for the students' convenience.  I encourage them to log in.  
In each grade, the learning progression is as follows....
  • Earth- Atmosphere, Rocks, Plate Tectonics, Natural Resources, Human Effects, History of Earth, Climate, Ocean, Solar System
  • Life- Biosphere, Cell System, Human Body, Reproduction, Ecosystems, Populations, Genes and Natural Selections
  • Physical - Matter, Energy, Magnets, Atoms, Periodic Table, Chemical Reactions, Forces, and Motion
I encourage you to stay involved in your child's learning.  Log-in to the website,  In addition, email me if you have any questions.  
Also, I have had many parents inquire on how to help put together a Lab.  Let me know if you are able to put together a lab.  We want enough materials to have 10-12 groups carry out the lab with their own materials.  
Thank you!
I am also working with the grade level math program.  It has been off to a wonderful start. We are continuing to use Eureka math.  This is a comprehensive common core math curriculum from K-8.  This is all sequenced in modules.  Please see me or email me if you have any questions.  

In each grade, the learning is as follows.....

6th- Begin the year with the concepts of ratios and rate formalizing their understanding of equivalent fractions. Then moving into multiplication and division of them. They continue by using the knowledge of a number line to plot integers and other rational numbers.   They also learn to read, write and evaluate expressions and equations using letters.


7th-Begin the year with the concepts of ratios and rate. They will use graphs, tables and equations to work with ratios. To build upon 6th students build on their understanding of rational numbers to add, subtract, multiply, and divide signed numbers. This too, will involve using a number line. Build upon 6th with solving equations. They use linear equations to solve unknown angle problems and other problems presented within context to understand that solving algebraic equations is all about the numbers.  Work with fractions, decimals and percents (converting)

8th- Exponents- using letters to stand for numbers- beginning steps of scientific notation. 
Congruence and Pythagorean Theorem
  • Dilation and Similarity
  • Concepts of Geometry