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Pick-up and Drop-off Rules

CCS Safety Committee

Traffic Do’s and Don’ts….


 for the safety of our CCS families!

1.  BOTH 8th Street and Dunsmuir Avenue gates are DROP AND GO ONLY gates, for both morning drop off and afternoon pick up.  Please DO NOT park in either of these lanes.   You must go through the line, stay in driver’s seat, and allow parent volunteers or teachers to open your door and help your child in or out.  No exceptions. These are DROP and GO ONLY lanes. This is not only for morning drop off, but also for afternoon pick up.  If lane is full, please drive around the block and try again.

2.  DO NOT block the cross walk on the corner of Cochran and 8th waiting to turn into the 8th Street traffic lane.

3. DO NOT park in the private driveways on 8th Street.  These owners have had to complain numerous times.  These driveways DO NOT belong to the school. 

4. DO NOT double park on Cochran Avenue, 8th Street or Dunsmuir Avenue for ANY reason. 

5.  DO NOT let your child cross any of these streets from anywhere except the crosswalks or corners.  We are working on providing proper crossing guards at both corners. 


6.  DO park in the neighborhood and walk your child in to the school if your child needs assistance more than volunteers can offer. 

7.  DO keep your speed slow and cautious. 

8.  DO drive through intersections cautiously and be mindful that students are crossing the streets, and that there are people possibly turning into the traffic line as well. 

9.  DO follow the direction of the people holding stop signs, wearing vests, and volunteering to help keep our traffic lines smooth.

10.  No accident or injury is worth being a few minutes late for school.  Please think about our school community and DO consider leaving earlier for school.  You will find that 10 minutes early is so much less stressful than getting to school at crunch time. 


We have already seen THREE car accidents in the first few weeks of school.  We have had previous students and parents hit by cars, and we really need to look out for each other. 

Please understand that these rules are to protect all of us and our children.