2023 AJHD National Championship 

Team Events:
3rd Place in Super Quiz 
Individual Events:
3rd Place in Religion 
3rd Place in Fine Arts
3rd  Place

2023 AJHD OLA Regional Results (March 4, 2023)

Team Events:
Logic: 2nd Place
Super Quiz: 1st Place
Individual Events:
Religion: Isabelle (7th Grade) 1st Place
Science: Ameya (7th Grade) 1st Place
Fine Arts: Adrienne (7th Grade) 1st Place 
Math: Bella  (8th Grade) 2nd Place
Social Studies: Oyikien (8th Grade) 4th Place
English : Ryan (8th Grade) 2nd Place
Overall: 1st Place

2023 Quiz Bowl Results (February 4, 2023)

Team Events:
Logic: 1st Place
Super Quiz 1st Place
Current Events: Kennedy (7th Grade) 5th Place
Social Studies: Oyikien (8th Grade) 4th Place
Literature: Reagan (5th Grade) 3rd Place
English : Ryan (8th Grade) 2nd Place
Math: Bella  (8th Grade) 2nd Place
Religion: Isabelle (7th Grade) 1st Place
Science: Ameya (7th Grade) 1st Place
Fine Arts: Adrienne (7th Grade) 1st Place 
Overall: 1st Place
The Definition of a CCS Academic Decathlete: A CCS student of EXTRAORDINARY character, who maintains high marks in all classes, exhibits a strong moral compass, demonstrates a willingness to sacrifice personal desires for the betterment of the team AND GLORY OF THE SCHOOL, exemplifies a profound thirst for knowledge and an intense respect for education and academic achievement.
Students in grades 5, 6, 7, & 8 are invited to train for the Academic Decathlon Team. Representing Cathedral Chapel School is a privilege requiring an intense commitment. Only students who earn and maintain at least a B average in all academic subjects, conduct, and work habits are eligible. Any student who receives a homework notice, conduct referral or detention will be subject to possible exclusion from the team. Training begins in late August. The team moderators choose the final 10 participants from training team members. 
To earn an invitation to join our award winning team, students must become proficient in logic. This portion of the decathlon events contains Sudoku, Ken ken, Cryptograms, Algebra word problems, Anagrams, Spatial reasoning, Patterns & graphs, Probability Lateral thinking,  Logic grids, Venn diagrams, Rebus puzzles The following sites will help students practice their skills:
Due to issues related to the Covid pandemic, Chapel did not participate in the competition held in 2022. We are back on track this year and practicing daily. We encourage students in 5th to 8th to consider coming out for the team next year. For information about the national program and state competitions, please visit:
The 2020-2021 school year marked the 31st year of the AJHD and the 22nd year Chapel competed in the decathlon. Over that period Chapel has built a remarkable legacy. Our school has taken two California state titles, four Los Angeles titles, and has qualified to compete at state seven times. We are home to the National Grammar Champion for 2020. Our teams have also won the Cathedral High Quiz Bowl fourteen times since 2002. We are proud of our team and our honor code. Coaches and students alike are committed to personal integrity and hard work. We work on logic during lunch and after school on Wednesdays. When the guide comes out for the year, we  add Friday practices to our schedule.
Congratulations to our team for placing 3rd overall out of 93 Catholic schools at the 2020 Los Angeles event  in Long Beach on Sunday, March 1st: (That's as close as a team can get without earning the right to compete for the team championship at State!) 
English: 1st Place Cliff Connors (7th) * National Champion
Social Studies: 1st Place Joaquin Recinos (8th)* Second Placee in Nationals
Fine Arts: 8th Place Renae Salonga (7th)
Literature: 7th Place Sarah Baumann (7th)
Science: 4th Place Justin Sato 7th) 
Logic Quiz: 2nd Place (Team Event)
Super Quiz: 3rd Place (Team Event)
Overall: 3th Place 
+ Joaquin and Cliff earned the right to compete for individual titles at thei state championships in San Bernardino on April 4th.
The 2019-2020 Team:
7th Sarah Baumann: Literature
7th Reese Salonga: Religion
7th Justin Sato: Science 
7th Renae Salonga: Fine Arts (Super Quiz Captain)
8th Jordan del Pozo: Current Events
8th Joaquin Recinos: Social Studies
6th Aaron Kim: Math
7th Cliff Connors: English
7th Elizabeth Lo: Team Events (Logic Captain)
7th Noah Jeong: Team Events 
Congratulations to our team for placing 5th of 99 Catholic schools at the 2019 Los Angeles event  at the Long Beach Pyramid on Sunday, March 3rd:
English: 3rd Place Cliff Connors (6th)
Social Studies: 3rd Place Joaquin Recinos (7th)
Fine Arts: 10th Place Marco Castro (8th)
Logic Quiz: 9th Place (Team Event)
Super Quiz: 5th Place (Team Event)
Overall Place: 5th Place 

Here is the official site for the 2020 event: https://sites.google.com/view/sd-catholic/academic-decathlon
Congratulations to our 2019 Decathletes:
On Saturday, February 2nd, Chapel competed against 23 other Los Angeles schools at the Annual Cathedral High Quizbowl. Chapel was the only school to place in all eight individual events as well as both team events: logic and super quiz. Here are the results:
Cathedral Chapel's AJHD Team placed in the following areas:

Religion: 1st Place Sophia Baumann (8th)
English: 2nd Place Cliff Connors (6th)
Social Studies: 4th Place Joaquin Recinos (7th)
Math: 2nd Place Skye Connors (8th)
Science: 3rd Place Vincent Park (3rd)
Literature: 3rd Place Colin Moore (3rd)
Current Events: 1st Place Jordan del Pozo (7th)
Fine Arts: 4th Place Marco Castro (8th)
Logic Quiz: 3rd Place (Team Event)
Super Quiz: 2nd Place (Team Event)
Overall Place: 2nd Place
Team Events: Megan David (7th) and Renae Salonga (6th)
Alternate: Reese Salonga (6th)
After 15 years of trying and thanks to one incredible team blessed with amazing parents, Cathedral Chapel School won its second state championship. Yes, we were the 2017 Academic Junior High Decathlon Champions-Number 1 AGAIN!!

On Saturday, April 1st in Sacramento, Cathedral Chapel School’s academic decathletes battled the best of the best California and Colorado teams for the title of the 2017 U.S. Catholic Schools Academic Junior High Decathlon Champions. At the end of the day, Chapel did just that and more. They took home a first place trophy in logic, second place in the Super Quiz event and five individual awards: Kacey Kim Religion 3rd, Skye Connors English 3rd, Maanasi Narayan Science 2nd, Grace Kim Literature 2nd, and Gabriel Fellin Fine Arts 1st.  Out of a possible 24,000 points, Chapel scored 19,990 beating the second place school by 130 points. Character, perseverance, and hard work were key. Thank you to our team, their parents, and our Chapel School Family!!

Congratulations to our Chapel decathletes for bringing home the Los Angeles AJHD Championship!!!
Congratulations to our amazing decathletes for bringing back the perpetual trophy from the 2017 Quiz Bowl on Saturday, February 4th l! Here are all the awards they won in the process:
Overall: 1st
Logic: 2nd
Superquiz: 3rd
Religion, Literature, Fine Arts and Science: 1st
Social Studies: 2nd
English and Math: 3rd
English and Religion
The 2016-2017 Team: 
8th Grace Kim: Literature
8th Kacey Kim: Religion
8th Maanasi Narayan: Science (Super Quiz Captain)
8th Gabriel Fellin: Fine Arts
8th Josephina Ko: Current Events
8th Brandon Yeon: Social Studies
8th Matthew Rhee: Math
6th Skye Connors: English
8th Cierra Adams: Team Events
8th Valerie Ramirez: Team Events (Logic Captain)