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Outreach Concern Counselors

The mission and purpose of the school is education. Schools do not assume the responsibilities proper to the family and to society. The role of the school is distinct from the role of other agencies, both the Church-sponsored and community-sponsored, which provide for mental and physical health and welfare. The school does not assume responsibility for psychological counseling or therapy. Parents and students may be encouraged or required to pursue counseling. Outreach Concern Counseling, Inc. provides two counselors on site for the students and their families. Counseling resources on a sliding scale are also available through Outreach Concern Counseling, Inc. Educational Testing is also available for a fee.
Teachers will keep confidential information entrusted to them so long as no one's life, health, or safety is at stake. Parents/guardians will be promptly notified of teacher concerns.

Ms. Sara Onufer holds a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Religious Studies from New York University. She is currently enrolled at Antioch University pursuing her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with a dual emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy and Professional Clinical Counselor. Ms. Onufer has experience working with students who are struggling academically and socially. Ms. Onufer is excited to work with the students at Cathedral Chapel for the 2021-2022 school year.



Ms. Minkyo Jeon graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Art in Public Health Policy and Psychology and Social Behavior. She is currently working on her Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy at the Graduate School of Education and Psychology in Pepperdine University. She worked as a behavior technician at an autism-related company where she provided Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment to children diagnosed with autism. Also, she has completed an internship over the summer a few years ago at Radian Health Centers Compassionate Care for All and gained on-site experience helping people in need of health care. Additionally, she has volunteered at Family Autism Network to help children with autism to engage in various physical activities throughout her college years.  She is looking forward to serving the community at Cathedral Chapel.