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Extended Day Care (EDC)


2022-2023 School Year


Cathedral Chapel School`s Extended Day Care program aims to provide a high-quality, affordable program in a safe, familiar, and caring environment for children during after-school hours. Catholic values are developed while the social and personal needs of the children are met.



The Extended Day Care Program includes organized, age-appropriate, socially, developmentally, and emotionally beneficial activities for the students. Opportunities for homework/quiet time, snacks, conversation with peers, indoor/outdoor games, and arts & crafts are provided in the curriculum. Although EDC is not a tutorial program, supervisors maintain an environment conducive for the students to complete homework and classroom projects. 




Sep., Oct., Nov., Jan., Feb., March, May             Aug., Dec., April, June

$150.00 per month for one child                                            $130.00 per month for one child

$260.00 per month for two children                                      $240.00 per month for two children

$360.00 per month for three children                                    $330.00 per month for three children

                                    $25.00 registration fee per family (One Time)



On regular dismissal and minimum days, students must be signed out and picked up in the main office. No one can enter or exit through any other than the front door. A student may only leave the premises with an adult designated on the Emergency Information form.  If a child needs to be picked up by an adult other than those listed on the Emergency form, a written request must be sent to the office with the ID information for the person picking up your child. This person must present a valid California I.D. or Driver`s License at the time of pick up. Telephone calls are not acceptable. All students must be signed out before leaving for safety and billing reasons. The person signing out the child must be 18 or older. No child will be allowed to leave the building unsupervised.




  •  Afternoon Care

Students are not picked up by 3:30 PM on M. T. Th. Fri. are placed in EDC.  Students not picked up by 1:00 PM on Wed or other early dismissal days are set in EDC.

Parents who use this service on an emergency or occasional basis will be billed $15.00 a day per child.  Payment is due the same day, or you will be charged a $15.00 late fee.




Students in EDC are given a snack break.  EDC does not provide snacks after school.  Please make sure your child brings a snack for the afternoon.


Extended Day Care is a privilege, not a right.  Since the program is an extension of the regular school day, the exact expectations for cooperation by the students and parents are assumed.  Students are expected to follow the school rules during EDC.  Families who consistently violate the policies and procedures of the Extended Day Care Program will be dismissed from the program by the principal.


Parents who wish to enroll their child (ren) in EDC are REQUIRED to complete and return the Extended Day Care contract.


Hours: Extended Day Care (EDC) is available until 6:00 PM daily.


After 6:00 PM, a $15.00 Late Fee will be added for the first 15 minutes (or fraction there of) and an additional $15.00 for every subsequent 15 minutes. This late fee is required the same day service is rendered.