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Hope-Net – So that None of our Neighbors Should Go Hungry


In 1988, a collaboration of Los Angeles area congregations founded Hope-Net to address hunger and homeless needs.  First opening in the Wilshire Center area of Los Angeles, and now expanding its outreach to Koreatown, Hollywood, Los Feliz, and Silverlake, Hope-Net completes that work as an independent 501(c)3 charitable agency.

Living among the great wealth of Los Angeles, many fail to see the mammoth and increasing needs of many in our midst.  For the economically poor in our area, Hope-Net food pantries and meal programs are a primary source of emergency food. Since our inception, we have served over 2 million persons and last year alone we served over 250,000 persons.

Guided by our dedicated Board of Directors and sustained through the tireless efforts of many dedicated volunteers at our 13 food pantries, Hope-Net touches lives daily and offers hope and opportunities to thousands of individuals and families.

Hope-Net remains committed to our neighborhood so that "none of our neighbors should go hungry." Welcome to Hope-Net. We encourage your involvement and suggestions.



Starting in 1988 with one regularly scheduled food pantry and eight other sites offering "emergency food as available," Hope-Net now operates 13 food pantries in the metro Los Angeles area.

Since inception, Hope-Net’s food pantries have served over 2 million people and continue to have a positive impact in our community.




% Change

Clients Served



+ 77%

Pounds of Food Distributed



+ 94%

Meal Equivalent



+ 49%


Most Hope-Net clients are not homeless but need supplemental food to keep from going hungry.  Most live on fixed or very low incomes and face food insecurity on a regular basis.  Hope-Net food pantries are committed to treating each client with dignity and respect while being sensitive to local ethnic cooking traditions.  Pantries also seek to provide as much healthy and nutritious food as possible. 


Cathedral Chapel School participates in the Hope-Net Program by collecting canned food items monthly at morning assembly.  Non perishable food items that are collected are delivered to a food pantry at Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood.  In collecting food on a monthly basis, we are teaching our students that people need food all year long and not just at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Please see our list of non perishable food items that are collected monthly.



Hope Net Food Collection for 2014 - 2015


August                                   Pot Luck (canned food items)


September                             Canned Soup  


October                                  Rice/Pasta/Lentils                            


November                              Beef Stew                                          


December                              Peanut Butter


January                                 Tuna


February                                Canned Fruit


March                                     Peanut Butter


April                                        Beans


May                                         Dry Milk and/or Canned Veggies


June                                        Tuna and/or Fruit Juice