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Mrs. Moldavon's Junior High Language Arts Classes

I am very excited about the possibilities of the 2020-21 school year and the potential of the Class of 2021. I know we will be facing a variety of challenges caused by the pandemic, but I am committed to doing everything humanly possible to provide my students with a robust, engaging, powerful education. Chapel is blessed with an incredible team of educators who are invested in fostering a strong academic, Catholic education and who love the profession. They are in all honesty some of the best people I have ever known. I am convinced that our 8th graders are ready to lead the way. Together, we will meet the challenges ahead of us and build both memorable experiences and strong character in the process. I am extremely excited about the new resources Miss Kipp has provided to enhance our distance learning experience. They include,, and SadlierConnect. Hopefully we can plan some amazing field trips in the new year. Until then, I've found a plethora of exciting virtual adventures to enable our scholars to explore the world from the safety of their homes.

Students who wish to hone their vocabulary, grammar, and mechanics skills still have plenty of time. Just check out the following websites: oyages-in-english-2011-student.htm (This is the online homework help and resourse page that goes along with the student English grammar text.)  (This site will help students practice vocabulary words and review for tests.) (Amazing resource-check out the self-teaching units) (This is one of the best!) (Another great site for practice)

 (If correct comma use is the problem, then this site has the solution!)