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Mrs. Moldavon's Language Arts Classes for Junior High

I am very excited about the possibilities of the 2016-2017 school year. Chapel is blessed with an incredible team of educators who are invested in fostering a strong academic, Catholic education and who love their profession. They are actually some of the best people I know. Our 8th graders are ready to lead the way, and many have been working over the summer to prepare for the academic decathlon. I've booked two incredible field trips and am waiting to hear about two others. Students who wish to improve their grammar and mechanics skills still have plenty of time. Just check out the following websites: (This is the online homework help and resourse page that goes along with the student English grammar text.)  (This site will help students practice vocabulary words and review for tests.) (Amazing resource-check out the self-teaching units) (This is one of the best!) (Another great site for practice)

 (If correct comma use is the problem, then this site has the solution!)



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We Had a Dream....Spoken Word Night!

Seventh Grader Ethan Bonilla hits a home run with his rendition of Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech. This is one of the speeches at our first ever Spoken Word Night. 

State Championship Pep Rally

Here is our team and the story of their journey to the Academic Decathlon State Championships in Fresno.

LAFD Thanks CCS!!!

On Monday, the eighth graders walked the first graders down to LAFD Fire Station 61 at the corner of 3rd and Cochran. The first graders made thank you cards and gave a wonderful speech. Then every firefighter got a World's Finest Chocolate bar. We also gave the station a gift certificate to Baskin Robbins and a huge card, courtesy of Chloe Mendoza and her considerable talent. In the end, the firefighters were thanking us. They were so touched by all we had done. Another day  to be so proud of our students as they do for others.