Who? We all have responsibilities in helping the students complete their homework. The students' responsibilities are to do their best on each assignment, be neat, and complete every assignment on time.

The parents' responsibilities are to make homework a priority, provide necessary supplies, and create a quiet working environment. Please set some time aside each day when homework should be completed. Provide praise and support, and notify me if you are having a problem.

My responsibilities are to check homework each day it is due. I will record the assignments in my grade book. I will support good homework habits through praise and other incentives.

What? Expect homework in math and science throughout the week. 

If a student does not do an assignment, it will be noted.   After 3 missing assignments, a homework slip will be sent home to be signed by parents. All homework will need to be completed but may not receive full credit.

When? Homework will be assigned Monday through Thursday

Why? Homework is a valuable tool in helping students make the most of their school experience. It will help reinforce what has been learned in class, prepares students for upcoming lessons and tests, teaches responsibility, and helps students to develop positive study habits.
January 24
8th Science - Topic 4 Test tomorrow January 25
6th Science- Topic 3 Test on Tuesday January 29