Class Rules

I am delighted that your child will be in my class this year. With your encouragement, your child will be a part of many exciting and rewarding experiences this academic year.

Since lifelong success depends in part on self-discipline, I have developed a plan which affords every student guidance in making good decisions about their behavior and thus an opportunity to learn in a positive, nurturing class environment. Your child deserves the most positive educational climate possible for his/her growth, and I know that, together we will make a difference in this process. The plan below outlines our classroom rules, consequences, and rewards.

Rules and Expectations

1. Sharpen pencils and be sure you have the correct learning tools
2. Bring all materials to class
3. Do not talk when someone else is addressing the class
4. Do not chew anything in class
5. Come to class regularly
6.  Do not bring distracting materials
7.  Use restrooms on break
8. Show kindness
9. Be respectful
10.  Take care of school and property


1. Verbal Warning
2. Document behavior and discuss better options with student
3. Conduct referral issued and conference with teacher, parent, or principal depending on the severity of the conduct. Step three is possible depending upon the severity of the incident.
1. Verbal Praise 
2. Recognition of good choices 
3. Rewards and special privileges

Please be assured that my goal is to work in partnership with parents. Thank you for your support.